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SIA Building Contract 2016

Speakers: Ar Loo Pei Wen | Ar Darren Benger | Ar Joy Chew


Session 123 April 2023 (Wed) 1400hrs to 1900hrs
Session 25 May 2023 (Fri) 1400hrs to 1900hrs
Session 310 May 2023 (Wed) 1400hrs to 1900hrs
Session 419 May 2023 (Fri) 1400hrs to 1900hrs
Written Assessment24 May 2023 (Wed)
Oral Assess25 May 2023 (Thur)
Assessment to be confirmed and arranged seperately


SIA New Contracts Committee has recently updated a suite of standard form building contracts based on the historical suite of standard form contracts used by SIA for nearly 40 years. Hence, the SIA Building Contracts 2016 course looks to train architects and disseminate the knowledge of the new suite of standard form contracts (in particular Design & Build contract) to the architectural Fraternity to bring the practice of building contact administration up to date and in line with the current industry's practice.

The course will elevate the standard of building contracts administration using the SIA Building Contracts 2016 (in particular Design & Build contract) as the foundational tools for building contract administration and create a knowledge pool of expertise as reference for the architectural fraternity to bring about improved administration of building contracts.

Course Type:

  • Interactive Training
  • Assessment
  • Team Work and Contribution

Course Outcome:

  • Able to conduct, administer and close a Design & Build contract

Registration Criteria:
Those who have completed Architecture Practice Course (APC)

  • Registered Architects
  • Registered Professional Engineers
  • SISV-registered Quantity Surveyors ( with at least 5-years post-qualification experience)
  • SPM-accredited Project Managers